How it Works

First, tell us the size of your family and your meal preferences.

We send you an email with pictures and recipes of the incredibly delicious dinners you’ll be having the following week.

Going out of town? Just click and tell us you don’t need the help.

This is the fun part. Every One Potato day, a box of incredibly fresh, organic food arrives at your home, packed in a recyclable, insulated box. What’s more, it’s measured and chopped, ready to prepare. If a chili recipe calls for a teaspoon of cumin, there it is, neatly labeled, in its own little cup. Two tablespoons of olive oil are in a tiny screw-top jar. Six sprigs of fresh cilantro are ready to garnish the bowl.

Your kids will say, “Mmm, what’s that?” They may even set the table to get the dinner party started.