The idea for One Potato was cooked up in our home kitchens

The idea for One Potato was cooked up in my home kitchen along with my friend Chris.

As busy parents, we shared similar frustrations about feeding our children fresh, healthy meals that were easy to prepare and appealed to everyone. We've always enjoyed cooking, but found that preparing complicated, gourmet dishes just didn't work with the reality of life as a parent.

We created One Potato to feed our families and yours... It's what we eat every week.

We work with local farms around Los Angeles, creating recipes that are kid and parent friendly and saves everyone time. Every meal takes 30-minutes or less and is delicious!

A Letter From Catherine, Founder of

Even as a lifelong lover of cooking who went to culinary school and made food my career, no matter how good my intentions, the realities of being a busy working mom made it hard to get a well-rounded, healthy meal — and one which my whole family would enjoy — on the table every night.

After starting my first company Weelicious, known for family recipes, parents emailed saying things like, my family loves your recipes and they're easy to make, but I still have no time! Could you just find a way to send them to us? In spite of my skills, I knew exactly what they meant. I secretly felt that I was coming up short for my own family, and as a parent, that's an awful feeling.

Those emails from time-starved parents led me to create One Potato. My rules are that the meals the best quality, fast and easy to prepare, Instagram-worthy (shouldn't you be able to brag about it?), and, most importantly, ones that both parents and kids want to eat. I hope you enjoy!

See what our families are saying

"I am sooo impressed! Every meal delivery we have tried I don't like enough of the choices. I'm feeling great finally eating healthier portions and adding salads in to my weeks... it is so convenient and delicious."

Melissa M.

"We have used various meal services over the last couple years... One Potato is by far my absolute favorite!! Each meal has been a hit among my family and I love the ease of cooking them; the cookie dough is the best little bonus!"

Marcy S.

"Our dear friends recommended One Potato earlier this year, and it was life changing... no worries about going to the store, planning menu's or anything else - just the joy of picking which delicious meal to make that night, lots of laughing and quality time together."

Amy W.
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